English Writing Skill Topics for All-Board’s Students

Writing skills topics for all boards students

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What is Writing Skill?

Writing Skill is the ability to convey thoughts, ideas, or information effectively through written language. It involves expressing thoughts clearly, organizing them logically, and using proper grammar and vocabulary to communicate with readers. Good writing skill enables individuals to create engaging and understandable written content, whether it’s in the form of essays, articles, emails, or any other written communication.

We have explored the key Writing Skills that can make a significant difference in appearing for different Board exams. From constructing compelling arguments to perfecting grammar, let’s delve into the crucial topics that will empower students of all Boards to express themselves effectively on the written examination battlefield.

Letter Writing

Letters are known as an important and systematic mode of effective communication. Writing a letter is a skillful and useful task. Generally, there are two types of Letters, Informal Letters and Formal Letters. These types are based on their etiquette, contents & writing purposes etc. Read more….

Email Writing

Email means Electronic Mail, one of the most commonly used and popular services on the Internet. Email is an effective method of exchanging messages between people with the help of electronic devices. Email was invented by Ray Tomlinson in 1972. Email accepts, forwards, delivers and stores messages. Read more….

Appeal Writing

‘Appeal’ means to make a serious, urgent or heartfelt request. It is an earnest plea and the power of arousing a sympathetic response. Generally, it is used to create social awareness among people a well as to involve them in various social activities. They are presented in the form of a Poster or Leaflet. Appeals are always in written forms. Read more….

Speech Writing

Speech writing is the technique of bringing a thought or message to a reader using the correct punctuation, expression and articulation. It is the skill of communicating knowledge and expressing ideas in the written form of a speech, either for your own presentation or for another person. Read more….

Drafting Virtual Messages

A Virtual Message refers to a piece of information or communication that is transmitted electronically or through a physical or tangible medium like paper. It’s a simple and concise way of conveying information in a written form. People often use paper slips for quick messages, reminders, or informal communication. Read more….

Drafting Interview Questions

An Interview is a structured dialogue where one participant asks questions, and the other gives answers. The word Interview refers to a one-on-one conversation between an Interviewer and an Interviewee. Interviewee responds to the questions asked by an Interviewer. Simply, an Interview is a situation where a Formal Meeting takes place. Read more….

Report Writing

Report is a short as well as concise document, presented in a written form for different purposes. It is a systematic description of an event, an incident or a situation.  The information is based on fact and structural analysis. It is a formal style of writing, based on a particular topic or subject. Read more….

Blog Writing

A Blog is a type of website or an online platform where individuals, groups, or organizations share information, opinions, and updates on various topics. The term “blog” is a shortened form of “weblog.” Blogs typically consist of a series of posts, organized in reverse chronological order, with the most recent post appearing at the top. Read more….

Expansion of Idea

Expansion of Idea means to understand and to describe the meaning and idea given in the particular text. The text may be a Proverb, an Idiom, a Title, a Poetic Line or a Good Thought. The words used in this text are rather symbolic. The words are systematically decoded. Most of the time this kind of text is used to sum up the idea. Read more….

Summary Writing

Summary Writing is a brief statement or account of the main points of something. It is a short, clear description that gives the main facts or ideas about something. Generally, Summary is  a comprehensive and brief abstract or statements. It is short account which gives the main points but not the details. Read more….

Statement of Purpose

Statement of Purpose (SOP) is a research statement or a letter of intent. It is an application made to a university or institution, for admission purpose. This helps them in verifying the proper candidate for the courses offered by them. It is an essay which describes your personality as a whole. Read more….


Group Discussion (GD)

A Group Discussion is an exchange of information or ideas in a face-to-face situation. It is an exchange of thoughts and feelings through oral communication. GD is a type of discussion that involves people sharing ideas or activities on a given subject, with systematic and deliberate interactive oral process. Read more….


Compering means the act of introducing the performers or attendees. The person who acts as mediator and coordinator is called Compere. Compering is the skill where the speaking qualities of a compere are acknowledged. It requires language fluency, clarity of thoughts and confidence. Read more….

Film/Movie Review

A Film/Movie Review is a systematic analysis and evaluation of a particular film. It includes a summary of the film and any relevant opinion. It is a written form of sharing a personal outlook or frame of mind about the film’s events.  Read more….

Book Review

A Book Review is a critical evaluation and analysis of a book. It involves assessing the content, style, and merit of a book and expressing an opinion about its strengths and weaknesses. Book reviews are commonly written by readers, critics, or experts. It helps potential readers decide whether they want to read the book. Read more….

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